The New Zealand Garden


The New Zealand Garden is dedicated to JD Enys, who spent nearly thirty years in New Zealand and brought back many plants and seeds from the islands to Enys.

The New Zealand Garden, landscaped in 2009, is filled with beautiful plants native to New Zealand. Most of the ground is carpeted in one genus, Acaena (known as ‘Biddi-biddi’ in its home country) which grows freely and puts roots down as it spreads across the ground.

Other species in the New Zealand Garden include the low-growing Fuchsia procumbens with delicate yellow and purple flowers and blue anthers and the Acaena microphylla (or Kupferteppich), which has round spiky flower heads that sticks to passers-by.

The area also features different grass-type plants and a Libertia ixioides (known as the native Iris).  In early summer the daisy bushes Olearia cheesemanii make a great display with their small bright white daisy flowers.

In this area you can also see a young specimen of Agathis australis or Kauri, which is a rare coniferous tree, native to the very northern part of New Zealand. It dates from the Jurassic period, approximately 150 million years ago.