Keep Enys open!

The Gardens at Enys are maintained by three gardening staff and a team of volunteers, who do a magnificent job of keeping the beautiful site so attractive. Nevertheless, the running costs substantially exceed the visitor and event income; to give some idea, here is the income as a percentage of costs for the last seven financial years:

Financial Year Income/Costs
2014-2015 28%
2015-2016 34%
2016-2017 36%
2017-2018 52%
2018-2019 69%
2019-2020 74%
2020-2021 37%

As you can see, opening Enys to the public has always been loss-making – and these figures do not cover the costs of maintaining and insuring the buildings. The owners of Enys are passionate about sharing this unique place with its visitors, supporters and friends, and have so far been able to find the money to keep opening to the public. The impact of the covid pandemic on Enys has been severe, as it has for so many; there has been essentially no income from September 2019 to April 2021, but the costs have not changed. This puts Enys under extreme financial pressure, and it will not be possible to continue to open if costs exceed income indefinitely. If you are able to help keep Enys open, please consider donating here:

When income finally covers costs, this page will disappear!