The Mansion House

The focus of Enys is the Mansion House. Dating from about 1830, it was lived in by the Enys family up to the Second World War, when it was commandeered for use as an officer training establishment for the Royal Dutch Navy. The main part of the house features three large rooms on the ground floor: the Drawing Room, the Library, and the Dining Room. Each of these leads off from the main Hall of the house, which is illuminated from above by a glazed lantern, allowing light into the Hall.  Having been unoccupied since about 1950, the overall condition of the Mansion House is poor, however the Drawing Room has been refurbished and is often used for events and weddings. The Hall, Library and Dining Room are also used, but are yet to be refurbished, and the rest of the house is sadly not yet in a condition to open to visitors.